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T.W.O. provides substance abuse addiction counseling services to over 1,500 persons annually through its free residential detoxification and in patient treatment facility. Central intake determines the level of treatment needed for each client entering our facility.  Case management services are offered in each program.  Entry House and Power House are opened 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Detox is a short term program that provides a structured co-ed educational environment within a 30 bed capacity.  There is group counseling, the 12 step program, referral and counseling.  Power House is a male only residential treatment program that provides continuous assessment intervention, evaluations and counseling.  This program has a 15 bed capacity and focuses on long range goals.  It is the initiation of highly motivated and well established recovery, and in treating the clients process identifies and reduces psychological and social problems threatening the client’s recovery process. 


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